Moving towards a more sustainable future
Moving towards a more sustainable future

Moving towards a more sustainable future

Sustainability has been at the top of the agenda for some time now and this year will see the 17th year of a national Recycle Week initiative taking place 23rd-29th September.

Recycle Week is set to continue emphasising the importance of sustainability, recycling and looking after the environment; something we are continuing to take action on.

Being a sustainable company is ever more important as more research comes to light regarding the impact companies can have on the environment. The breakthroughs in manufacturing and improvements now available allow companies to prevent further environmental issues and at Essilor we are taking many different steps of our own to do this.

Acting as a reminder to improve your recycling behaviours, Recycle Week shows that environmental concerns are still prevalent amongst individuals and businesses alike.

How Essilor is doing its part for the environment

When it comes to our ecological footprint, we have strived to make a number of improvements to different areas of the business, in order to try and make a difference.

We’re proud to confirm that we source 100% of our electricity supply from renewable generation, something that is supported by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates.

Renewable energy sources

At Essilor, our company car scheme has changed to help decrease emissions. During 2007-2010, we had approximately 30-35 cars that typically emitted 156 g/CO2/Km per car. As of 2019, this has been reduced to 101 g/CO2/Km per car.

We have pledged that from 2020, company cars will offer average emissions of 86 g/CO2/Km per car; a 45% reduction compared to 2007-2010. From 2020, employees will be able to choose from a small number of electric vehicles for the first time too.

Recycling and waste reduction

At Essilor, we have a zero-to-landfill policy when it comes to waste leaving the site. This includes cardboard waste, which is collected and recycled accordingly. Any mixed recycling is segregated on site, before being processed by our waste management service provider.

Whatever non-recyclable materials we have on site are sent to incineration, in order to promote waste-to-energy.

2018 was the year that the world really sat up and took environmental issues seriously; 2019 is the year that the world is starting to make a difference. At Essilor we have joined a number of global names, including John Lewis and Tesco, in making positive steps towards being sustainable.