Frequently asked questions

Eyeglass cleaning cloths can be washed on a gentle cycle in your washing machine or washed by hand. We recommend that you do not use any laundry additives, such as fabric softener, which could leave a residue on the cloth.

  1. Rinse under warm, running water to remove any sandy/gritty debris
  2. Clean with a mild washing up liquid to remove facial oils
  3. Rinse with water
  4. Dry with a soft cotton cloth
  5. Polish your lenses with the microfibre Crizal® coating cleaning cloth provided to you

You can also use the Crizal® coating cloth for touch-up cleaning throughout the day, whenever it's not convenient to wash your lenses. Crizal® coating technology makes it easy to remove smudges, dust, dirt and fingerprints.

Yes! Crizal® anti-reflective coating is compatible with most lenses as well as all of Essilor's lens designs.

Yes! Transitions® lenses are available with Crizal® anti-reflective coating. Please ask your eye care professional if this is the best option for you.

Crizal® anti-reflective coating is compatible with most lenses. It is always advisable to apply Crizal® anti-reflective coating to both single vision and progressive addition lenses. Please talk to your eye care professional to find out which Crizal® anti-reflective coating is right for you and your lifestyle.

The Crizal® family of anti-reflective coatings includes Crizal® Sapphire™ HR coating, Crizal® Rock™ coating and Crizal® Easy Pro coating. There are also Crizal® anti-reflective coatings for specific needs: Crizal® Prevencia® lenses, Crizal® Drive coating, Crizal® Kids coating and Crizal® SunXProtect coating. Your eye care professional can explain the different benefits of each Crizal® coating and provide a recommendation based on your needs.

You are given a certificate of authenticity card when purchasing lenses with genuine Crizal® anti-reflective coating.

Yes! Commercially prepared anti-reflective lens cleaners are safe to use with all Essilor Crizal® coatings.

No. The Crizal® anti-reflective coating is very thin – thinner than a strand of hair! The actual thickness and weight of your glasses is a combination of your chosen lens material, frames and prescription. Ask your eye care professional about the benefits of Crizal® anti-reflective coatings.

For over 30 years, Crizal® coatings have been acting as a shield for millions of glasses wearers worldwide. Crizal® coatings offer the best combination of clarity, durability, cleanability and UV protection so that eyeglass wearers can see, look and feel better.

Occasional use of alcohol on Crizal® coatings will not be harmful. However, we do not recommend continual, daily use. Reach out to your eye care professional for assistance.

Yes! You can combine a Crizal® anti-reflective coating with an Essilor® Blue UV™ Filter System lens. Please talk to your eye care professional to find out which solution is right for you.

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Everyone! All eyeglass wearers can benefit from an anti-reflective coating.

An anti-reflective coating is composed of ultra-thin, transparent layers that are placed on the front and back surfaces of the lens itself to reduce the amount of light that reflects on it. This allows you to get the maximum light from the environment you’re in, without any visual interference from reflections.