Frequently asked questions

Yes, a mirror coating can be added to prescription sunglasses.

You can book an appointment with one of our partnered opticians.

We recommend not leaving your sunglasses inside your vehicle, especially in warmer temperatures. Your lenses and frames might get damaged by the heat.

The actual thickness and weight of your glasses depend on your prescription and the required lens material.

Yes! Xperio® polarised glasses are compatible with most lenses, including a lot of Varilux® progressive lenses. 

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Start by rinsing your prescription sunglasses with lukewarm water. Then, use the provided cleaning cloth to wipe the lenses while they are still wet, cleaning and drying them. Avoid using other fabrics for this step as they might scratch the polarised coating.

Yes, any prescription sunglasses can have polarised lenses added.

Prescription sunglasses protect your eye health by shielding your eyes from UV rays and filtering the harmful blue light, while correcting your vision problems.

Absolutely not! In fact, prescription sunglasses contribute to eye health because they protect your eyes from UV rays and filter the harmful blue light.

Prescription sunglasses are added correction to regular sunglasses. They are a great option for people who want to improve eyesight and protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays while increasing their eye comfort.

While sun protection is essential when you spend time outdoors, having clear vision helps you enjoy it better. The Xperio® range offers prescription polarised lenses that shield your eyes from UV rays and help protect from the harmful blue light, without compromising your visual acuity.