What is an Essilor Expert optician?
What is an Essilor Expert optician?

Essilor Experts

What is an Essilor Expert optician?

Essilor Experts are independent eyecare professionals who are the preferred Essilor partners to explain the many benefits of lenses from Essilor. Essilor Experts will listen carefully to your vision preferences and needs, while also taking into consideration all aspects of your lifestyle. As highly trained and trusted professionals, their expertise will guide you every step of the way. You’ll benefit from precised measurement technologies delivering personalized lenses. You will appreciate the result of having lenses as unique as you. Demand the best for your vision at your local Essilor Expert optician.

Frequently asked questions

The Essilor® Experts programme is a network of preferred opticians that recommend Essilor® products and technologies.

You can use our store locator to find your nearest Essilor® Experts optician. You'll be able to recognise them by the Essilor® Experts sticker in their window.

Your Essilor® Expert combines proven eye care expertise with the latest Essilor® lens technologies to answer your unique vision needs.

Essilor® Experts eye care professionals are easy to identify thanks to the stickers on their doors. You will also notice the label inside the store as well as a certificate and an engagement charter.